Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a specific anesthesiologist to my case?
The availability of any anesthesiologist is impacted by several factors. These factors include clinical specialty training, location of surgery (not all anesthesiologists can work at each facility), trauma, obstetric or other on-call obligations, personal vacation, etc. For these reasons, we cannot accept requests to assign a specific anesthesiologist to your case. However, if you personally know one of our physicians and how to contact them, you can request directly for them to accommodate your request. If they agree, they can make trades if necessary to their current assignments and inform our scheduling staff to assign you to their service. For each case, we will always work to ensure that we assign a physician with the appropriate clinical qualifications for your procedure. Since our anesthesiologists all participate with the same insurance companies, there is no impact on claim processing regardless of who is assigned to your case.

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