Patient Information

Please be prepared to provide the following information when contacting us:
• Account number
• Patient’s name and date of birth
• Date of service in question
• Insurance information

Your bill:
Missoula Anesthesiology bills separately for anesthesia services.  If you are uninsured or this is related to a motor vehicle accident or a legal suit, please contact our office in advance to make payment arrangements. We accept all major credit cards. Please click on the estimate link on the right to request an estimate for your services in order to help expedite your pre-payment process.

We are contracted providers for Medicare, MT and ID Medicaid, TriCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana (see your Blue Cross handbook for specific programs), Pacific Source, Missoula County, and Cigna/Allegiance Benefit Plans. Please understand that if you are covered under any other plan than those listed above, we cannot randomly adjust your balance after your insurance company pays. Each insurance company determines what it will cover for a particular procedure individually. The amount they choose to cover is based on numerous factors and wide geographical areas that may or may not vary from average retail rates. Our experience is that there can often be large discrepancies between what one insurance plan will cover versus another for an identical procedure.

We suggest you understand your plan coverage before services are performed and obtain any pre-authorizations needed. As a courtesy, we will send a claim to your insurance plan if you have provided that information to the facility where your services are performed. Please be sure to verify with the registration desk that your billing information is correct and current. If payment is excessively delayed, it will be your responsibility to keep your account current.

Missoula Anesthesiology, P.C., appreciates your understanding of our billing practices and looks forward to continuing to provide you and your family members with high quality anesthesia services. If you have questions regarding your account, please call our office. It is our goal that you have a safe and enjoyable experience with anesthesia. We look forward to meeting you the day of your surgery.

The Physicians and Staff of Missoula Anesthesiology, P.C.