Missoula Anesthesiology P.C.

The mission of Missoula Anesthesiology, P.C., is to provide a positive healing environment for our patients and our community, to anticipate the service requirements of our various and diverse customers, and to promote balance and fulfillment in the lives of our employees.  We are committed to the following values:  clinical excellence, professionalism, reliability, innovation, and respect.

Anesthesiologists in Missoula, Montana

Missoula Anesthesiology, PC (MAPC) is a physician-owned practice partnering with local hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers for more than two decades to provide anesthesia services to the Missoula area.  MAPC is committed to administrating the highest level of quality anesthesia in NW Montana.  We provide anesthesia care that encompasses our patient’s pre-operative evaluation through recovery and may involve specialized procedures to help reduce pain and enhance recovery such as an epidural nerve block.

Anesthesia Jobs

Our group takes pride in our relationships with all health care professionals and strives to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.  Many of our physicians have obtained additional fellowship trainings in areas such as pediatrics, OB, critical care, trauma, cardiothoracic and regional anesthesia to provide additional expertise in these anesthesia sub-specialties.  Each anesthesiologist is highly qualified to care for a large spectrum of surgical procedures and patient conditions. MAPC is a group of highly trained physician anesthesiologist with a mission to safeguard patient safety while providing the highest quality perioperative experience performing over 18,000 anesthetics procedures each year. All our physicians dedicate time to improving the quality of care provided nationwide by participating in the reporting of quality based measures and outcomes to a national registry as recommended by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We proudly report that 100% of our physicians continually exceed these requirements and standards.

It is Missoula Anesthesiology P.C.’s goal to pursue continuous improvement in all of our values in order to deliver the highest level of care possible to the community we live in and love.   We look forward to partnering with you soon, and trust that you will be happy with the anesthesia care we provide.