PT Requests

Each anesthesiologist is scheduled numerous months in advance. Submissions are honored on a first come first serve basis. Thus, earlier requests result in higher chance of success. A request made one day prior to surgery will usually not be successfully accommodated. The availability of any anesthesiologist is impacted by several factors. These factors include clinical specialty training, location of surgery (not all anesthesiologists work at every surgical site), trauma and obstetric or other on-call obligations, previous patient requests, personal vacation, etc.

Due to the factors described above, we ask that you request at least five anesthesiologists in order of priority in the form below for the best chance to satisfy your request.
If the form is completed appropriately, we will make every effort to satisfy your requests.

If we are unable to satisfy your request due to scheduling circumstances, we assure you that we will assign a member with the appropriate clinical qualifications to your procedure. Please note that requests are filled on a first come first serve basis. Our anesthesiologists all participate in the same insurance. Therefore, claims processing will be handled the same regardless of which anesthesiologist is assigned to your case.

Please notice that the only mechanism by which to guarantee a single specific anesthesiologist on your case is if you have a personal relationship with that individual and make personal contact with them to schedule your procedure at a time and place that they can guarantee they will be available. It is still necessary that you complete the form below so that we can confirm with that anesthesiologist his availability.